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Workforce Wellbeing

Workforce Wellbeing and Mental Health

Overall wellbeing, mental health and staff morale are the link between traditional health and safety and organisational productivity, and this has become increasingly apparent in academic research over the last 5 years. It has also been brought to the fore by COVID.

It can involve:

  • Complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Equality Act 2010.
  • Conducting regular staff surveys to establish what is disliked and what should be undertaken more frequently.
  • Workforce engagement, morale and levels of trust being enhanced by
    • Staging workforce social events be they real or virtual.
    • Allowing staff to have some say about the way in which their work is designed and organised.
  • The effectiveness of wellness initiatives being determined retrospectively from
    • Staff turnover and exit interviews.
    • Absence levels
    • Staff surveys
  • Providing appropriate work equipment
    • Aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and ergonomically suitable desks and workspaces.
    • Appropriate break out and meeting areas, be they physical or virtual.
    • Reliable and effective IT and comms systems.
  • Supportive HR strategies covering
    • All fulltime workers pay meeting or exceeding the living wage.
    • Home and flexible working
    • Equitable annual, maternity, and paternity leave arrangements
    • Robust and enforced bullying and harassment policies allied to effective diversity and inclusion values and standards.
  • Senior Management:
    • Leading from the front and by example on all these matters.
    • Not hesitating to intervene and deal with difficult situations.
    • Believing that all members of staff can positively contribute to the organisation’s growth and development.