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The Software House

This company is a software house employing 30 people. Prior to engaging Chris Stops and Associates they did not possess any written health and safety documentation, and were legally non compliant as a result. The brief was to develop a health and safety system which reflected the low risk, office nature of the company’s operations. This included enhancing the company’s ethos for employees to use their own initiative whenever possible. It also built on existing ISO procedures and  their employee handbook.

The resultant documentation system was entirely electronic and accessible by all employees on the company’s intranet. It was broken down into sections covering a policy document, risk assessments and work procedures, and other reference documents. It also linked to other company documents and some outside websites.

The nature of the company’s operations meant that the major topics covered were:

■  Fire and the evacuation of the offices.

■  Travel to and from customers’ premises by car and public transport.

■  Lone and home working.

■  Overseas travel.


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