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Plastics manufacturing company

The Plastics Manufacturer

This company is a family owned and run plastics manufacturer employing 50 people.

Chris Stops and Associates involvement was initiated by the company’s employer’s liability insurers following an audit. During it they noticed deficiencies in accident reporting, and the control of noise and chemical usage.

■  At the initial stages Chris Stops Associates also noted a legal requirement for:

■  Risk assessment documentation.

■  Employee consultation.

All these issues were addressed as part of the project. Following discussions and consultation with directors, line managers and employees a policy was drafted and risk assessments and safe systems of work agreed.

These were designed to cross reference and complement existing:

■  ISO 9000 procedures.

■  Hygiene standards.

■  Job specifications.

■  Employment contracts.

As a result only one additional work procedure was required – for a quarterly health and safety meeting.


Ten years on this company remains a client. All documentation has been reviewed and upgraded on more than 3 occasions in line with changes to legal requirements and the company’s working practices via six ½ day visits per year. The relationship has become so close over the years that we recently undertook the role of interim (part-time) Quality Manager.


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