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Electrical contractor

The Electrical Contractor

This company is an electrical contractor employing 6 people.

Prior to engaging Chris Stops and Associates they did not have a system of health and safety documentation. With increasing frequency they were being asked by both clients and potential clients to provide written evidence of their health and safety policies and related procedures. As a result of not being able to supply these they were both excluded from tendering from some work and legally non-compliant.

Chris Stops and Associates were asked to develop a short and concise document system that reflected as much as possible the company’s existing work practices.

As a result:

■  A checklist system was developed to assess health and safety risks at the quotation stage of all jobs. It formed part  of a larger quotation checklist covering all commercial and technical risks, used by the company’s principal at this stage of all jobs.

■  A concise 4 page health and safety policy was developed which cross referenced job specifications, the previously mentioned risk assessment system and method statements.


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