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Welcome to Chris Stops Consulting – OSHCR registered

We assist companies manage and control their own safety and occupational health risks and; we provide practical common-sense solutions to them. We have a similar practical approach to improving workforce wellbeing and productivity.


The pandemic has impacted on the way we live, socialise and earn our living. All workplaces now realise that their workforce’s occupational health is important to them. There is now a massive opportunity for employers to refocus their attention on occupational health, given the impact it has on wellbeing and productivity is now much better acknowledged.

The following pages outline how we assist organisations to do this in a way which is sustainable and cost effective.

As a leading Health and Safety practice in the Thames Valley we specialise in working with the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector, across a wide range of client types.

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These three challenging problems – safety, occupational health and workforce wellbeing – are all a journey and not a destination.